Colour & Pop-up


TPS: 250mm x 190mm

Extent: 8 spreads + 8 pop-ups

This series is a novel take on the popular trends for pop-up and colouring books and combines the two for a creative visual experience. These books function first as typical colouring books, but also include eight sets of press-out pieces that can be glued or taped into place to create amazing pop-ups. A wallet attached to the back holds the pop-ups and can be removed once the character and shapes are completed. With these titles, which cover a variety of themes, children are able to make the popular pop-up book format their own.

  • Combines two popular formats in one book.
  • Clear instructions on forming the pop-ups.
  • Available in a range of popular themes for wide appeal.
  • Removable wallet to hold the pop-ups.
  • Personalised pop-up book created upon completion.

Written by: Amanda Lott

Illustrated by: Elisa Pagenelli