Fairytale Carousels


TPS: 216mm x 162mm

Extent: 6 scenes, each with 4 layers

This collection of caroucels offers an amazing 3D visual depiction of a classic fairytale story through six key scenes. Each fairytale can be read from cover to cover, but the carousel also offers a new way to enjoy these well-loved children’s classics through different, multi-layered, paper scenes. This unique storytelling experience is great fun for young readers and a novel way to hold their attention.

  • Unique format for classic fairytale narratives.
  • Can be read alone or with help from a parent.
  • Full of bright and colourful illustrations.
  • Ribbon ties the covers together.
  • The opened book can be used as a decoration for a child’s room.
  • Range of classic fairytales available.

Written by: Anton Poitier

Illustrated by: