Stained Glass Colouring

16 Stained Glass Spring

TPS: 280mm 216mm

Extent: 16pp tracing paper + gatefold

Each book in this unique series contains 16 fun stained-glass outlines, with instructions for how to colour them. A gatefold in the back cover is designed to be placed under each page as it is coloured. On the reverse of the gatefold is a certificate to be cut out, once the book is completed. Eye-catching stained-glass pictures can be created simply using coloured pencils, felt-tip pens or highlighters. For maximum effect, the completed stain-glass pictures can be displayed in a window to allow the light to shine through.

  • Printed tracing paper with themed designs too colour in.
  • Clear instructions inside the front cover.
  • Gatefold for ease of use while colouring.
  • Certificate of completion
  • Also available as a 32-page bind-up with an additional frame.

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Illustrated by: