Thinking Skills

Matching Things

TPS: 280mm x 216mm

Extent: 32pp

These books are designed to encourage very young children to notice visual differences in colour, shape, size and to start to understand patterns, sequences and ordering. Through sorting and matching activities, children will learn about pairs and opposites, be able to spot the ‘odd one out’ and to rank objects by type. Delightful illustrations ensure that these books are eye-catching and appealing to young learners who will be motivated to work through the activities and so develop their observation, thinking and fine motor skills.

  • Develops early thinking skills and visual awareness.
  • Organising, sorting and matching behaviours that teach children about their environment.
  • Specifically devised and illustrated for very young learners.
  • Amusing activities that motivate children to want to learn.

Written by: Amanda Lott

Illustrated by: